Gathering Pipelines

Oil and gas gathering systems present a unique set of operational and regulatory challenges.

New Century Software offers a variety of services and software to support gathering system operators of all sizes. We work with clients to develop data management workflows and processes, leverage GIS technology and provide compliance program support to meet your unique business requirements.

Improved Data Quality

Centerline accuracy and data quality is critical to gathering pipeline operators. Many gathering systems have grown through multiple acquisitions and include varying levels of data quality. New Century Software can help gathering operators convert legacy CAD, paper, and shapefile data into a centralized GIS. Clean, consistent data, along with accurate centerlines enhance operations such as one-call and damage prevention, right of way management, new construction planning and routing, leak reports and repairs, and integrity management.

Superior Data Management

New Century Software works with gathering system operators on both lightweight and full-scale data model implementations, including PODS Relational, PODS Esri Spatial, and APDM. Our consultants will help your team identify existing data sources, select an appropriate data model, develop an IT and software infrastructure plan, and perform the data migration. Users can perform day-to-day maintenance within Esri ArcMap to ensure the integrity of the corporate pipeline data and utilize that data while mapping your pipelines. New Century Software understands the challenges of acquisitions and mergers and assists operators with data transfers while maintaining data integrity.

Enhanced Compliance

New Century Software performs jurisdictional evaluations and provides compliance program support for oil and gas gathering lines in accordance with 49 CFR 192, 49 CFR 194 and 49 CFR 195. Our DOT pipeline regulatory experts work closely with GIS specialists to ascertain pipeline locations and determine regulatory applicability. New Century Software can help operators develop or enhance DOT compliance programs in order to meet the appropriate level of regulations.