Hazardous Liquid Pipelines

New Century Software offers GIS software and compliance services to hazardous liquid pipeline operators.

New Century Software provides GIS applications and professional services to the largest hazardous liquid pipeline operators in North America. Our solutions range from supporting companies through the early stages of designing and implementing a GIS to performing advanced analysis in order to meet integrity management regulations.

We offer end-to-end hazardous liquid pipeline solutions starting with Express Loader, which provides data loading and database population. Our SpatialSynchronizer is key to synchronizing information stored in your PODS and GIS systems. Once pipeline information exists, Facility Manager maintains centerline accuracy and pipeline attribute data.

Our Spill Impact Analyst provides liquid line operators with the ability to analyze potential spills and perform HCA analysis and Spatial Risk Analyst offers a risk-based approach to integrity management. SheetCutter, SheetCutter Server and TemplateDesigner are also available in our pipeline mapping software suite for automated map and alignment sheet production on oil pipelines and other hazardous liquid lines.

Additionally, our PODS consulting services, along with GIS Implementation services, save companies the time and expense of managing these complex projects on their own. Our FASTtrackGIS services allows us to take your GPS data, validate it and upload to your GIS in an automated way so that you have the data at your fingertips immediately, rather than months later. Data Loading is for clients who want assistance with the process of integrating all of the new data. Map & Alignment Sheet Production takes the burden off your team to rapidly produce field-ready maps.

We also offer a wide variety of Pipeline Integrity Management and Compliance Services, such as liquid line HCA analysis, process and procedural development, and regulatory audit applicability studies. Risk Assessment services can be requested to prioritize covered pipe and develop mitigative plans to meet DOT pipeline integrity management requirements specified in 49 CFR 195.