New Pipeline Construction

New Century Software offers GIS software and services to engineering firms and pipeline operators engaged in new pipeline construction.

New Century Software offers a suite of applications and services for operators and engineering firms building new pipelines. Be it permitting, data modeling, GIS Risk Analysis, GIS implementations, Class Location, field data processing, or jurisdictional analysis, New Century Software can offer cost effective solutions.

Route Planning and Mapping

As an example, our flagship solutions, SheetCutter and TemplateDesigner can be used to design construction and right-of-way maps. Additionally, you can plan your pipeline route to minimize impact to sensitive populations and environmental areas using Spatial Risk Analyst, Gas HCA Analyst, and Spill Impact Analyst. And, Map & Alignment Sheet Production takes the burden off your team to rapidly produce field-ready maps.

Construction Data Gathering

New construction provides the best opportunity to collect the majority of necessary pipeline physical and location data for future pipeline integrity management programs. Our data model consulting services along with GIS Implementation services save companies the time and expense of managing these complex projects on their own. Our FASTtrackGIS services allows us to take your GPS data, validate it and upload it to your GIS – giving you immediate access. Additionally, our compliance services team can help you prepare for your post-construction regulatory inspection by offering a detailed review of the information collected.

Pre-Startup Compliance and Integrity Support

New Century Software offers the unique ability to add jurisdictional analysis and assistance meeting regulatory requirements to our suite of new construction software and services. Our compliance services team will help you identify Federal, State, and local regulations that apply to your pipeline, provide permitting support, develop programs to facilitate compliance with 49 CFR 191, 192, 194, and 195, and provide pre-startup HCA analysis and risk assessment. We will partner with you to ensure your organization understands and implements DOT regulations in the way that best fits your workflow.