News Archive 2007

BP and New Century Software to present at PUG Conference

The ESRI Petroleum User Group (PUG) Steering Committee has announced their acceptance of the presentation titled, “BP Mardi Gras Offshore Transportation GIS System.” The abstract was a joint submittal by BP Pipelines and New Century Software. The BP Mardi Gras Offshore Transportation System includes multiple pipelines laid in water depths up to 7,200 feet and covers over 450 miles in the Gulf of Mexico. In order to provide BP Mardi Gras users with detailed GIS information on their pipelines, a web viewer was created to provide access to PODS database reports, GIS maps, alignment sheets, and streaming video survey data. The video data was captured during underwater surveys conducted by remotely operated vehicles (ROV) flown along the entire pipeline system. Integrated within the web viewer is a reporting tool that provides customized reports on selected features which can then be exported to multiple formats. BP Mardi Gras users can utilize these tools to identify pipeline anomalies and unforeseen risks on the pipeline.

SheetCutter Server Released

New Century Software has announced the launch of SheetCutter Server, an addition to the company’s map and alignment sheet suite of products and services. SheetCutter Server allows users the feature-rich functionality of New Century Software's SheetCutter and TemplateDesigner applications plus the added benefit of performing real time updates to selected alignment sheets using templates stored on your server. SheetCutter Server continuously "listens" to the pipeline GIS data and queues production of a new alignment sheet whenever a change in corresponding data for that sheet occurs.

Up until now, pipeline operators have had to manually generate alignment sheets and then distribute new versions to users. The SheetCutter Server application allows operators to automate this process by continuously producing and publishing finished alignment sheets, ensuring that the most current data is always being used throughout the organization.

Spatial Risk Analyst and Spill Impact Analyst

New Century Software is proud to announce the official product launch of Spatial Risk Analyst and Spill Impact Analyst.

Spatial Risk Analyst offers the premier solution for pipeline risk and integrity analysis by providing a full-featured GIS-based, data-centric approach to pipeline risk assessment. New Century calls this innovative concept "Spatial Risk" and believes that this provides powerful new risk analysis capabilities. Spill Impact Analyst is an ESRI ArcMap extension that provides the oil and gas industry with unparalleled overland spread and water transport analysis for hazardous liquid pipelines and facilities.

Spatial Risk Analyst allows pipeline operators to objectively measure absolute and/or relative risk along their pipelines by connecting to many different data sources, performing dynamic segmentation and then applying risk equations. Data from many different sources can be accessed in its original database or GIS without the need to "build bridges" or map data into a proprietary risk database. Spatial Risk Analyst Model Designer provides the ability to easily create multiple risk models from scratch or implement models developed by third-party consultants. Model Designer provides the flexibility to design qualitative or quantitative-based models, simple or complex. By carefully assigning threat and consequence equations to online and offline point and linear GIS pipeline features, Spatial Risk Analyst provides the user with resulting risk attributes that can be exported to many different output and analysis formats.

Using a FEMA-approved analytical flow simulation engine, Spill Impact Analyst identifies and simulates individual liquid product releases, and determines could-affect and not-affect segments for pipeline integrity management. This advanced ArcMap extension automatically calculates outflow hydrographs using drain-down and valve closure times, and release points at set intervals, at NHD intersections, or allows the user to designate release locations. Spill Impact Analyst simplifies the spill impact analysis thus allowing operators to perform the work in-house. New Century also offers spill impact analysis as a service.