News Archive 2010, Q1-Q2

New Century Software Selected to Present at the GITA GIS for Oil & Gas Conference

Rob McElroy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Century Software, will be providing a presentation titled, “Distribution Integrity Management: Identifying and Organizing Data” at October’s GITA conference in Houston. The presentation will discuss why data is critical in meeting DIMP requirements, techniques for dealing with incomplete or missing data, and strategies for organizing and managing data.

To address the mandatory elements of a Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP), distribution operators need accurate and complete data about their facilities, operations, and maintenance. The session provides methodologies for inventorying and storing data, as well as techniques for finding and using readily available data from public sources. The session will also discuss necessary characteristics of data and how to address gaps and missing data. An overview of data model options will be provided.

Gas HCA Analyst 4.0 Release Provides Operators Tailored Settings for Pipeline Integrity Management

New Century Software has released the latest version of Gas HCA Analyst, a highly configurable application designed to identify Class Location and High Consequence Areas on gas pipelines and determine regulated onshore gathering lines. The tool addresses the specific integrity management framework of the gas pipeline operator through a series of flexible settings that accommodate clustering, structure snapping methods, centerline disconnects and geometric networks.

Gas HCA Analyst meets the continuous improvement element of pipeline integrity management by storing the operator’s configuration settings, applying those settings on future analyses, and producing time-based comparisons of the pipeline network. Every Class Location and HCA determination is accompanied by the project settings and related metadata for project validation. Those results can be distributed as Crystal Reports, tabular files, or feature classes in ArcMap.

SourceGas Selects New Century Software and Structural Integrity Associates for DIMP Solution

After successful completion of an in-depth pilot project, Lakewood, Colo. based SourceGas has selected Structural Integrity Associates and New Century Software to provide software and services to assist in meeting Distribution Integrity Management regulations.

SourceGas will use the DIMP template developed by Structural Integrity Associates for the Northeast Gas Association (NGA) and Southern Gas Association (SGA) along with New Century’s industry leading Spatial Risk Analyst. SourceGas currently uses New Century’s Spatial Risk Analyst application for Transmission Pipeline Integrity Management. “Utilizing the same strong software platform for both DIMP and TIMP, and a methodology backed by over 45 operators representing 40% of the total US distribution mileage provides significant operational and cost efficiencies,” commented Bill Stephens, Manager of Codes and Standards at SourceGas. “This provides SourceGas with a comprehensive and flexible software solution to organize key system data, identify threats, and prioritize the relative risk of these threats; critical steps in complying with the DIMP regulation,” said Ron Brush, President of New Century Software.

New Century to present on DIMP data strategies for gas distribution operators at the AGA Spring Conference

The American Gas Association Spring Conference will take place May 11-14 in New Orleans. During the pre-conference seminar on GIS related regulatory issues, Rich Arata will be delivering another data-centered presentation titled, “Integrity Management in Gas Distribution Systems –Information Requirements and Uses.” Rich will share his expertise on 1) data requirements and assessing what kinds of data you need, 2) the role of spatial data and why you need it for risk and integrity, and 3) how to manage the data and GIS.

Data Profiling and Cleansing Service

New Century Software has launched a service offering designed to help pipeline operators get the most out of investments made in data intensive projects such as risk assessment, MAOP calculation, and HCA or Class Location analysis.

Data Profiling and Cleansing is a three-phased methodology to identify and correct data issues prior to initiating projects. It allows transmission and gathering line operators to leverage New Century's expertise in:

  • Data conversion and migration
  • Pipeline domain knowledge
  • Data models (PODS and others)
  • Proprietary applications for data QC, reporting, and loading
  • Integrity management

Our data analysis team will provide a clear picture of any data integrity issues that may arise during your upcoming project and the steps that should be taken to optimize that data in advance.

New Century Software and LandWorks to Jointly Develop Integrated Solution for Pipeline Right-of-Way Data

New Century Software Inc. and LandWorks Inc., two leading developers of asset management software for the oil & gas pipeline industry, have agreed to integrate their respective software solutions –New Century Software Facility Manager and LandWorks Property Management (LPM).

“This integration will create a direct connection between pipeline right-of-way records in LPM and the pipeline engineering and operations data in Facility Manager,” said Jerry Bramwell, President of LandWorks. “The fully integrated solution will enable sharing of data between the systems and also increase the amount of data available to both applications. This provides the foundation for development of new asset management functionality not previously available in either application or to the industry in general.”

New Century Software of Fort Collins, CO, developed Facility Manager to provide oil & gas pipeline operators with the ability to manage pipeline attribute and centerline data in a spatially enabled GIS compatible with PODS (Pipeline Open Data Standard). GIS technicians rely on Facility Manager to ensure the integrity of corporate pipeline data and to perform critical centerline management. The software allows users to manage hundreds of data elements relating to the location, structure, operation, function and condition of the pipeline.

Based in Houston, LandWorks developed LPM as a comprehensive land asset management system that stores, retrieves and manages critical information relating to the rights of way traversed by pipelines and their related infrastructure. The software, along with its GIS components, manage and report pertinent data related to the ownership, rights, and obligations associated with a pipeline company’s land assets. The integration with New Century’s Facility Manager will give pipeline companies the ability to keep their land assets linked to their facilities.

“The new LPM-Facility Manager integration will allow our customers to seamlessly link two otherwise disparate data categories – land and pipeline assets,” said Ron Brush, President of New Century Software. “Integration of these databases will make it possible for operators to visualize in the GIS environment how changes to a pipeline might impact the land assets and vice versa.”

New Century Software and LandWorks personnel began development of the integrated solution last year with support from a major oil & gas pipeline operator. Once completed, the integration will be offered as an optional add-on module to LandWorks Property Management and New Century’s Facility Manager application.

New Century to Educate Gas Distribution Operators on DIMP at the Upcoming GITA Infrastructure Solutions Conference and the AGA Spring Operations Conference

New Century Software has been selected make presentations on data management strategies for DIMP at two upcoming industry events.

The GITA Infrastructure Conference is being held April 25-29 in Phoenix. Rich Arata, Gas Distribution Practice Manager for New Century Software, will be delivering a presentation titled, “Using GIS and Other Data Sources to Address DIMP Requirements.” The presentation will review the different types of data available and discuss ways to effectively evaluate, integrate and use data sources within the operator’s organization.