News Archive 2010, Q3-Q4

SheetCutter, TemplateDesigner and SheetCutter Server Release Supports ESRI ArcGIS 10

New Century Software has released the latest version of SheetCutter and TemplateDesigner, a highly configurable software package designed to automatically produces pipeline alignment sheets and area maps from data stored in a wide variety of formats, and SheetCutter Server that automatically generates alignment sheets when PODS events are edited and when changes are made to the base map or centerline. Along with enhancements to make the software more powerful and easier to use, SheetCutter, TemplateDesigner and SheetCutter Server are now supported on the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 10 and the Windows 7 platforms. In addition, SheetCutter Server can now be run using ArcGIS desktop and no longer requires an ESRI ArcServer license.

Using Geospatial Solutions to Meet Distribution Integrity Management Requirements

Rob McElroy, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, delivered a presentation at the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary titled, “Using Geospatial Solutions to Meet Distribution Integrity Management Requirements.” The abstract reads:

Distribution Integrity Management (DIM) regulations will require operators to formalize their risk management procedures. While many operators have risk models for various applications, most have not implemented a comprehensive risk management solution. This paper will discuss DIM regulations and the role GIS technology will play meeting the requirements. This includes knowledge of the distribution system’s physical attributes, understanding what is happening in and to the system, identification and prioritization of threats such as corrosion, natural forces, and excavation, reduction of risk and evaluation of program effectiveness.

While there are differences between transmission IMP and DIM, this paper will discuss how geospatial solutions developed for natural gas transmission pipelines can be utilized for performing DIM risk assessment and developing risk mitigation strategies. Because risk analysis requires a significant amount of data, the use of GIS in the integration of data, one of the keys to identify threats, will be a focus of this presentation. The presentation will provide an overview of the anticipated demand for data, how data could be stored, and how data could be utilized in an integrated risk assessment program. The paper will present examples of how risk-based decision making can improve operational efficiency and resource allocation.

Survey on Significant Geospatial Challenges Facing Gathering System Operators Presented at GeoGathering Conference

This year’s GeoGathering Conference attracted a record 160 registrants, over 100 of which represented gathering and production line operators. The conference is an excellent venue for gathering system operators to exchange best practices and lessons learned when it comes to the use of GIS within their organizations.

To expand the reach of this year’s conference, an industry-wide survey was released in early August to learn more about the major challenges that gathering system operators are currently facing. The survey collected basic information such as pipeline mileage, data model, and GIS implementation, and then asked operators to rate the importance of 25 different challenges.

Ron Brush, President of New Century Software, shared these results as part of his presentation at GeoGathering. Among smaller operators, improved centerline accuracy and increased support/funding from management were the highest rated issues. Larger operators identified the need to clean up existing GIS data and to better integrate GPS data from field users as the most significant issues. An article with additional analysis on the results will be released in the October issue of Pipeline and Gas Technology magazine.

NYSEARCH Cased Pipe Risk Assessment Model Presented at the Western Regional Gas Conference

New Century Software made its first appearance at The Western Regional Gas Conference that was held August 24-25 in Tempe, AZ. The conference focuses on natural gas transmission and distribution issues.

At the event, Tony Lopez, Director of Sales for New Century Software, presented on how the Cased Pipe Integrity Assurance Model was created to avoid unnecessary direct assessment activities on non-piggable cased pipelines. The risk model, developed jointly by NYSEARCH, DNV, WKM Consulting, and 16 funding gas companies from across the United States, uses information stored in a variety of formats to provide an assessment of risk for cased pipe.

New Century Software, through a cooperative agreement with the Northeast Gas Association, was selected in 2009 as the exclusive vendor to distribute the NYSEARCH Cased Pipe Integrity Assurance Model to the gas distribution and transmission pipeline sectors.