Deep Sea Viewer

Deep Sea Viewer Streamlines the Underwater Pipeline Inspection Process

Crucial for offshore pipeline operators, Deep Sea Viewer provides a superior way to inspect sub-sea pipelines, visually track assets, quickly assess risks, and prioritize maintenance activities. Not only can users make well-informed risk and asset management decisions but it also provides an in-depth look at the health of sub-sea pipelines by integrating underwater video survey information with integrity assessments.

Deep Sea Viewer is an easy-to-use web-based tool, which means you can quickly access valuable pipeline data anytime through your browser. This data is loaded in a way that will take far less time than manual loading. You can then inspect underwater survey videos of any point on the pipeline, detect if conditions are changing over time by comparing time-stamped ROV survey information, and use this data with other tools to perform advanced risk integrity modeling. Deep Sea Viewer is so versatile that you can even display aerial video reconnaissance of onshore pipelines.

Key BenefitsKey FeaturesTechnical Specifications
  • Combines an inventory of ROV video surveys into a single viewport, making it easier for you to view and analyze the submerged pipeline.
  • Reduces the time it takes to inspect underwater pipelines by letting you click any point along a pipeline to view a list of corresponding ROV video feeds, 3D models, pipeline inspection data, and cross section profile data.
  • Displays the position and movement of the ROV on a map while the video plays so you can verify location and enhance decision-making.
  • Provides three to six camera angles for viewing the pipeline, its connected assets, and the seabed surroundings.
  • Lets you enter latitude and longitude coordinates to acquire corresponding ROV video in the vicinity.
  • Dynamically resizes windows to enhance viewing and work across multiple monitors.
  • Provides fluid navigation and quick access to video feeds through integrated Microsoft Silverlight technology.


  • Oracle
  • ArcSDE

Web Application

  • ArcGIS Server
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft Silverlight

Video Server

  • Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming Media Services
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

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