ArcGIS for Pipelines Web Products

New Century offers web-GIS solutions for ArcGIS for Portal and ArcGIS Online.

New Century's Pipeline Portal web products can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and easily used by all levels of users from GIS pros to Executive Management. Leveraging a web GIS, users can create and view reports, as well as locate and make edits to centerline information along a pipeline.

Make full use of Integrity Data by querying line hierarchy information with little to no GIS knowledge. Line Hierarchy Search allows the user to define their organizational hierarchy and query it by any combination of applicable fields.


Quickly find stationing along a centerline and create graphics to save for use with other widgets. Station Locator allows the user to find stationing by selecting a point on the centerline, or entering Latitude/Longitude or Route ID and Measure information.

Enhance response time to submitted redlines and separate them out from Integrity data. With our Redline Tool, users can submit redlines in point, polyline, polygon, and map note form from any device, while GIS Technicians leverage a centralized workflow to manage the submissions.


Quickly view centerline information and identify changes along a section of a pipeline. Our Alignment Sheet Viewer allows the user to select a MapWindow and return all applicable Alignment Sheets on any device, anywhere.