Webinar - Add Business Intelligence to Your Geometric Network

Discover how Geometric Network Synchronizer builds and maintains geometric networks in a PODS database. A useful tool for gathering and transmission operators, Geometric Network Synchronizer adds business intelligence to the geometric network by embedding attribute data into the geometric network. This combination of network connectivity and pipeline attribute data can then be used by companion analysis applications to enhance decision-making.

View this webinar to learn how to save valuable time and increase your business intelligence with the newest New Century Software product: Geometric Network Synchronizer. Ron Brush, president of New Century Software and Colby Smith, Director, Technical Sales & Marketing, will provide an overview of what geometric networks are, as well as how to maintain and leverage multiple geometric networks simultaneously.

Learning Objectives

  • Build and maintain centerline connectivity
  • Synchronize multiple geometric networks
  • View attributes on features
  • Include other data from the pipeline database
  • Facilitate mismatched geometries

This webinar is available to pipeline operators only.

Runtime: 41 minutes