Webinar - Accelerate Your Field-to-PODS Data Collection

Introducing a solution to improve and accelerate Field-to-PODS data collection.

New Century Software & CartoPac, Intl. have teamed up to bridge the gap between your mobilized workforce and the PODS environment. Our centralized workflow equips field personnel with accurate pipeline information and provides a seamless process to ensure new data is verified, traceable and submitted back to PODS quickly.

During the webinar, we walk through the end-to-end solution highlighting how CartoPac seamlessly integrates with New Century Software. Our collaboration provides customers with:

  • An enterprise solution for both the field and PODS environment
  • Centralized and standardized workflows
  • Structured, traceable process from the field to PODS

This webinar is available to pipeline operators only. Click here to access the webinar.

Runtime: 60 minutes