Webinar - New Year's Resolution #1: Implement an Enterprise Alignment Sheet Workflow

Generating an alignment sheet is only part of the solution to getting accurate maps into the hands of end users. There are four major steps: create the template; generate the sheets, keep the sheets up to date; and share the information with end users. New Century Software has developed a streamlined workflow that will produce consistent outputs, decrease production time and improve efficiency. The presenter will also highlight some of the newest features within the SheetCutter & TemplateDesigner 8.0 release.

The presenter will discuss different industry scenarios such as:
  • How to handle matchlines in conjunction with as-built / line relocation workflows
  • How the new features in TemplateDesigner will facilitate delivery of alignment sheet documents required by your customers.
  • Best practices for delivering alignment sheet documents to the enterprise.
With an enterprise solution you can accomplish the following:
  • Increase efficiency
  • Provide consistent outputs
  • Empower decision-making
  • Decrease production time

Runtime: 56 minutes | This webinar is intended for pipeline operators only.

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