Webinar - Spill Impact Assessment

Canadian and US DOT regulations require integrity managers to complete spill impact analyses for tank farm storage facilities and pipelines. Understanding the topographical nature of tank farms and pipe corridors provides valuable information for ongoing emergency preparedness and design. This presentation will cover high density LiDAR in a spill analysis.

The presenter will also highlight a case study that calculated the containment capacity of tank berms and the modeling of three spill simulations—berm breach, manifold, and large volume spills. We shall also simulate a pipeline spill both overland spread and channel flow.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the benefits of using LiDAR for facility spill analysis.
  • Be familiar with workflow and lessons learned while performing facility spill analysis.
  • Learn about data requirements.
  • How can the analysis be used in Contingency and Spill response planning.

Runtime: 40 minutes | This webinar is available to pipeline operators only.

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