Webinar - Visualizing Integrity Data with SheetCutter

Today's integrity management teams rely on multiple data sets, often year over year, to make the best asset management decisions. However, it can be a challenge to organize silo'd data into a simple format that displays key details effectively. That's where SheetCutter comes in.

With the advanced visualization capabilities of SheetCutter, we'll illustrate how you can view and report on integrity information. We'll illustrate how simple it is to set up chart bands to view ILI data such as showing metal loss in a clock position, how to set up a comparison between two band templates to report multiple years of data, and we’ll show you how to use Template Designer to save and reuse templates for year over year comparisons.

We'll also showcase how you can push your integrity sheets to ArcGIS Online for easy access by non-GIS users across your enterprise.

Runtime: 40 minutes | This webinar is intended for pipeline operators only.

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