Jumpstart Your ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing Program

Ready to get started with Esri’s ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing tool? New Century offers a jumpstart program to help you learn the latest in Pipeline GIS technology.

Why New Century? We understand pipeline data and the complexities of linear-referenced data sets better than anyone. Choose 20+ years of pipeline data management expertise to get started with Esri ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing program with the confidence that your implementation partner understands your data, workflows and unique business challenges.

How do you get started with our Jumpstart for APR?

Step 1: Contact Us for Consultation

New Century's pipeline data experts and GIS analysts will provide guidance to select the appropriate data model for your organization as well as a pilot program to trial run APR.

Step 2: Implementation

New Century will install and configure Esri's ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing, including ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS for Server, following Esri best practices regarding security, named users and performance. Choose from either an on-premise implementation or a hosted solution.

Step 3: Data Consolidation & Migration

Don't stop at implementation. New Century can consolidate and migrate your pipeline data into the appropriate data model for your organization. Whether UPDM or PODS, we’ll aggregate linear referenced and previously silo'd data, then migrate it to your data model of choice so you can get started publishing the data for editing, reporting, and visualization.

Step 4: Training & Data Maintenance

New Century offers a two-day ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing class that dives into typical pipeline operator workflows and provides step-by-step instruction. You'll leave the class equipped to do day-to-day processes including line maintenance, stationing, centerline adjustments, database configurations, and more.

Sound good? Request a sneak peek at APR in action in the video below, and contact us today to jumpstart APR at your organization!

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