Distribution Integrity Management

Meet & Exceed the Seven Key Elements of Distribution Integrity Management.

New Century Software works with gas distribution operators to deploy the NGA/SGA DIMP Plan. Our solution includes:

Risk Assessment Software

Our Spatial Risk Analyst software can accurately evaluate risk using a regional or segment-based approach. Operators can develop their own risk algorithms, integrate third-party models, or purchase the application pre-loaded with the NGA/SGA DIMP risk model.

Data Inventory & Analysis

New Century Software works with operators to identify gaps in the current data, determine which data will be most useful in meeting DIMP, and review current processes and procedures for leak reporting, new installs, maintenance, pipe exposures, and other operations.

Data Conversion

Leverage our pipeline domain expertise to accurately convert data from paper records, maps, CAD drawings, and spreadsheets to a database format. Through proven processes, data is developed and aggregated to enhance its value to the organization.

GIS Strategy

Implement a new GIS or optimize the system currently in place. We deliver services including requirements analysis, business case development, data model design, third-party application integration, and system architecture design.