Jumpstart Your Pipeline Portal

New Century offers web-GIS solutions for ArcGIS for Portal and ArcGIS Online.

New Century’s Pipeline Portal delivers pipeline intelligence access and visibility to operators from the field to the boardroom. Leveraging Esri’s extendable reporting tools, New Century applies deep pipeline data expertise to empower operators to quickly create and distribute critical pipeline data anytime, anywhere.

The New Century Pipeline Portal is a set of configurable tools delivered by New Century to access and distribute pipeline data via web browsers and mobile devices. In partnership with Esri, New Century offers pipeline maps, apps, and views that are easily accessed and utilized by departments across the organization. Transmission, gathering and distribution operators of any size can implement an enterprise-wide system at a lower cost of entry, coupled with the pipeline expertise that New Century Software is known for.

Our jumpstart program for ArcGIS for Portal or ArcGIS Online includes a simple implementation plan as well as five of our pipeline-specific tools including, an alignment sheet viewer, line hierarchy search, and redline tool.

Get a Jumpstart on your Pipeline Portal to solve the most common pipeline operator issues in a simple, accessible system.

Key BenefitsKey Features
  • Esri Gold Partnership provides access to best practices and specialized training to jumpstart your implementation when working with New Century.
  • Pipeline data is easily accessed and simple to view via browsers and mobile devices offering visualization to a variety of users anytime, anywhere.
  • Inter-departmental communication is drastically improved when data is easily consumable and visible to the enterprise.
  • Departments across the organization can identify redundancy and can implement simplified solutions to enable improved productivity.
  • Analysis anchored in data management best practices and visualization technology provides insights and business intelligence to make the pipeline decisions.
  • New Century's Pipeline GIS Services team can provide implementation, documentation, training and best practice guidance for ArcGIS for Portal and ArcGIS Online.