News Archive 2013, Q1-Q2

New Century Software celebrate 19 years of service

Founded in Fort Collins, Colorado, we also have an office in Houston, Texas. With over 16 applications and a variety of services, New Century Software continues to offer best in-class integrity management solutions. Learn more about New Century Software.

New Century Software is pleased to announce that SpatialSynchronizer version 4.9.1 is now available

SpatialSynchronizer is an application that keeps ArcSDE graphics synchronized with PODS events. It automatically places graphics at their correct geographic location (latitude/longitude) on a map layer, based on stationing or chainage.

New Century Software attends Esri PUG as a Gold Sponsor

New Century Software attends Esri PUG Conference this week in Houston, Texas. Our goal is to understand how Operators are addressing midstream regulatory channels, adopting new technology and leveraging the Esri suite for pipeline operations. Learn more about the Esri PUG Conference.

New Century Software is pleased to announce that Express Loader version 7.0 is now available

Express Loader is a powerful tool for quickly loading large amounts of data into your database. It allows for data manipulation, mapping, and validation during the load process. This version of Express Loader adds new functionality to the bulk data loading capabilities of the application with streamlined workflows and a helpful user interface.

Release enhancements include:

  • Ability to load new lines with their associated data: Line, Route, Series and Coordinates.
  • Support for Esri Shapefile and Esri Feature Class source connections.
  • Ability to specify the type of project you want to create or use to make data loading easier to configure.
  • Ability to load data to domain tables.
  • Loading data with Parent-Child relationships.
  • Support for loading linked documents.
  • Enhancement of the Expression Builder tool to include a list of domain values with descriptions, math functions, and string functions.
  • Ability to coalesce records so only unique records are loaded.
  • A tutorial and videos that provide demonstrations and explanations of how to perform different tasks with Express Loader.

New Century Software is pleased to announce that Version 2.7.0 of New Century Software’s Spatial Risk Analyst application is now available

Spatial Risk Analyst provides the ability to quickly and objectively measure risk along a pipeline. It allows users to create multiple risk models from scratch or implement pipeline risk models developed by third-party consultants. By applying threat and consequence equations to linear, point, polygon and tabular data, Spatial Risk Analyst performs dynamic segmentation to provide the user with risk attributes that can be exported to many different output and analysis formats. Integrity Managers can use these results to properly allocate resources and prevent costly pipeline failure.

Release enhancements include:

  • Support for ArcGIS Desktop 10.1.
  • New licensing capabilities to improve and enhance the user experience.

Contact us to learn more about version 2.7 of Spatial Risk Analyst.

ADB-2012-11: Reporting of Exceedances of Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure

Bulletin as reported by the PHMSA website:

“PHMSA is issuing this Advisory Bulletin to inform owners and operators of gas transmission pipelines that if the pipeline pressure exceeds maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) plus the build-up allowed for operation of pressure-limiting or control devices, the owner or operator must report the exceedance to PHMSA on or before the fifth day following the date on which the exceedance occurs. If the pipeline is subject to the regulatory authority of one of PHMSA's State Pipeline Safety Partners, the exceedance must also be reported to the applicable state agency.”

New Century Software’s Facility Manager tool is a flexible pipeline data management application that transmission and gathering operators can rely upon to ensure the integrity of corporate pipeline data. Major enhancements of Facility Manager 4.6 focus on the PHMSA MAOP requirement to ensure that records used are reliable, traceable, verifiable, and complete.

January 29-31, 2013 Marcellus Utica Midstream Conference

New Century Software attends the Marcellus Utica Midstream Conference. Our goal is to understand how Operators are addressing midstream regulatory channels. Learn more about the Marcellus-Utica Midstream Conference.

Facility Manager version 4.6 is now available

New Century Software is pleased to announce that version 4.6 of New Century Software’s Facility Manager application is now available.

Major enhancements of Facility Manager 4.6 focus on the PHMSA MAOP requirement to ensure that records used are reliable, traceable, verifiable, and complete. This includes an integrated Document Linking tool that allows users to quickly find important documents related to pipeline events. As users perform maintenance activities, the tool automatically maintains document links.

Highlights of the new functionality include:

  • Document Linking: Facility Manager now allows you to link PODS records to documents that contain information related to those records. This enhancement will help operators ensure pipeline records are MAOP compliant.
  • Spatial Tolerance: In some cases, there may be a discrepancy between a centerline feature’s PODS measure and the actual spatial length of that feature as it is represented in ArcMap. The new Spatial Tolerance tool helps you to identify areas where a discrepancy between the two measures is detected, allowing you to take corrective action if needed.
  • Updated Login Dialog from ArcMap: Your password is cached in memory while ArcMap is open, thus preventing you from having to re-enter it during the same session.
  • Support for Metric stationing format: You now have the ability to choose how to display stations within Facility Manager. By updating the new NCS_APP_CONFIG table you can display stations in a standard format of 00+00.00 or metric format of 0+000.00.
  • Export History to Excel: You can export the data displayed in the History pane to Excel.

Call for Abstracts! GeoGathering 2013: Developing a Data Strategy: data collection and sharing

GeoGathering provides a collaborative venue for oil & gas gathering system and upstream operators to share their experiences and learn from others. If you are interested in participating in this year's conference, please submit a presentation abstract today. Deadline for submissions is January 30, 2013. Recommended topics include:

  • PHMSA MAOP Strategies
  • Collection Methods to Meet Requirements
  • Data Sharing: GIS as an Enterprise
  • Organizing Data for Decision-Makers
  • MAOP & Collecting the Right Data
  • Acquisitions & Validating the Data
  • Environmental Permitting: Collection & Management of the Data
  • Data Security and the Cloud
  • Field & Office Data Strategies
  • What Makes Gathering Systems Unique
  • Developing a Data Sharing Strategy
  • Collecting & Sharing Information to Help Enhance Pipeline Safety
  • Data Gathering: Integrating the Old with the New
  • Data Models and How they fit into a Data Strategy
  • Web-enabled Data Sharing Technologies & Portals
  • Enterprise GIS/Database Development with Data Sharing in Mind

Visit the GeoGathering website for more information.

Version 3.3.0 of New Century Software’s Spill Impact Analyst application now available

New Century Software is pleased to announce that Version 3.3.0 of New Century Software’s Spill Impact Analyst application is now available for download. Using Spill Impact Analyst, operators can quickly evaluate the potential for pipeline leaks, predict worst-case release volumes, and create plans to mitigate the impact of those potential leaks.

Support for ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 is one of the enhancements to this release as well as enhanced drain down calculations which take into account all of the valves located on the route. This provides a more concise way to calculate drain down volumes for routes that have valves with long shut-off times.

Learn more about Spill Impact Analyst.