Facility Manager

Facility Manager 5.0 provides enhanced accuracy and improved efficiencies to manage pipeline attribute & centerline data stored in a GIS

Facility Manager is a flexible pipeline data management application for transmission and gathering operators to ensure the integrity of corporate pipeline data. With Facility Manager, spatial data remains in sync with tabular data in the PODS database to improve accuracy. Using a toolbar within Esri ArcMap, users can perform critical centerline maintenance tasks including creating new lines, performing pipe reroutes, linking important documents, and merging pipelines.

Facility Manager is uniquely suited to the needs of its users through two interfaces: geospatial and tabular. The geospatial interface allows users to make changes to their centerline in ArcMap, while the tabular interface allows users to make changes to records in the PODS database.

Facility Manager is highly customizable and allows users to dynamically edit data, apply a variety of tabular and spatial filtering options, and verify and correct staged data. It allows users to make multiple changes instantly via bulk uploading and provides integrated document linking to quickly find important information by event or work order. Users can easily insert station information as well as split linear features and re-station or reverse routes while maintaining spatial location. With both a geospatial and tabular interface in one application, Facility Manager provides a more fluid workflow to improve the efficiency of maintenance tasks.

Key BenefitsKey FeaturesTechnical Specifications
  • Selecting lines and routes to filter the PODS data has never been easier.
  • Users can link and view source documents associated with pipeline events, work orders and vice versa – improving efficiency.
  • Pipeline hierarchy is displayed as a tree structure so you can quickly move, add, rename, or delete items.
  • Reassigning station series numbers, inserting begin and end stations, and changing descriptions is simplified.
  • Custom workflows on PODS tables save time and increase productivity.
  • Centerline graphics can be maintained spatially through ArcMap and regenerated based on PODS coordinates.
  • Spatial tolerance is incorporated into the pipeline inflection details to save users time.
  • Identification of gaps and overlaps with in the data is simplified to ensure accuracy.
  • Staged data can be verified and corrected while maintaining historical records – ensuring data is verifiable, accurate and traceable.
  • Supports Esri ArcGIS 10.1 and 10.2.
  • Adds or removes lines and routes.
  • Performs reroutes, merges, flips and splits.
  • Adds or removes pipe footage from the beginning, middle, or end of a route.
  • Edits Pipeline Inflections (PI's).
  • Calculates measures for continuous stationing.
  • Displays existing stationing and allows begin and end stations to be inserted
  • Adds, edits, or deletes multiple PODS attribute data records at once.
  • Maintains domain tables.
  • View and edit data in either a tabular or graphical interface.
  • Displays the history of changes made to the database.
  • Exports queries and reports to Excel.
  • Pans/zooms/selects and identifies tabular records to find them on the map.
  • Links documents at the attribute level.
  • Identifies pipeline segments that may be out of tolerance.
  • PODS
  • Oracle or SQL Server
  • Microsoft .NET-based ArcMap extension
  • Oracle .Net Service Provider if used with Oracle

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