Manage ILI and Assessment Data within Your Pipeline GIS

InTrack is a planning and analysis application that integrates inspection data with your pipeline GIS and asset information. InTrack allows integrity and GIS teams to identify actionable anomalies that require remediation as well as plan for and schedule upcoming assessments. Built to efficiently manage the large datasets associated with ILI, CIS, and physical inspections, InTrack is the only application in the industry that manages and synchronizes GIS and inspection data allowing for real-time, accurate decision making.

InTrack’s configurable framework allows operators to select the features required to meet their IMP requirements and ensure a simplified process when managing complicated assessment data. It was built with Industry regulations at its core, namely 49 CFR 192 & 195, API 1163 and the upcoming API 1178. InTrack preserves a running history of the changing pipeline centerline through “snapshots” taken over time to monitor anomalies from discovery to remediation. With simple configuration and the ability manage large, year-over-year data sets, InTrack is an extendible and robust solution that can better identify actionable anomalies and lead to reduced assessment spending.

Key BenefitsKey FeaturesTechnical Specifications
  • Streamlined assessment planning provides a quick view into scheduled assessments to ensure productivity.
  • Data management schema that augments and integrates with your existing GIS implementation.
  • Display and compare assessment results year-over-year to simplifying the monitoring of potential pipeline threats.
  • Historical centerline snapshots capture the changing pipeline centerline allowing for a complete pipeline maintenance history.
  • Configurable solution to ensure a “right-sized” application to meet specific operator needs and IMP requirements.
  • Digs can be tracked so ILI reported features can be compared with field findings to validate tool performance.
  • Integrity data can be viewed in charts, maps, or graphs to analyze and compare data in the user’s preferred format.
  • Customizable risk algorithms to prioritize anomalies based on the user’s specific needs.
  • Spatializes centerline snapshots to show changes over time.
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET
  • ArcGIS

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