Generate Alignment Sheets in Half the Time with SheetCutter

SheetCutter is the best-selling alignment sheet tool on the market for auto-generating quality maps displaying pipeline assets. With SheetCutter, you get seamless Esri ArcMap integration, access to multiple data sources, and superior mapping performance. Even more importantly, you experience a streamlined workflow that saves you, on average, over 40% of your valuable time, compared to other methods of alignment sheet generation.

Building on the familiar layout within ArcMap, SheetCutter uses the Table of Contents panel to display a manageable list of the map windows and sheets currently selected. From that view, you can quickly create, delete, and generate pipeline alignment sheets. This intuitive interface is designed with flexibility in mind; using it, you can import both measured and non-measured centerlines, as well as integrate data from a variety of sources such as pipeline databases, enterprise databases, and GIS feature layers. This tool is data model independent and users have successfully used PODS, PODS Spatial and APDM to name a few. Best of all, SheetCutter training, paired with an outstanding tutorial package, results in stress-free learning and quick implementation of the tool.

To view sample maps and alignment sheets, visit our Map Gallery.

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Key BenefitsKey FeaturesTechnical Specifications
  • Automation quickly creates alignment sheets and displays assets on a map saving significant time.
  • Intuitive and easy to learn, yet performs complicated tasks.
  • Lets you visualize data from a variety of sources in one location providing a holistic view of information.
  • Generates alignment sheets for improved quality assurance.
  • A highly reliable product for integrity management programs and engineering projects.
  • Applies multi-line reporting to a single sheet, providing more information to the field user.
  • Saves you time assigning multiple templates to a single map window.
  • Easily modify map series to include multiple map scales.
  • Advanced tools for positioning map windows.
  • Automated process allows you to produce sheets with custom appearances.
  • Provides optional integration with ArcSDE for a complete enterprise solution.
  • Shows relative vertical positioning and crossovers.
  • Automatically manages text over-posting and leader lines.
  • Connect to File or Personal Geodatabase, Access, Oracle, or SQL Server databases
  • Supports non-numeric route IDs, such as GUIDs and strings.
  • Data model independent and can be successfully used with PODS, PODS Spatial, APDM and other models.
  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • Oracle, SQL Server, Access
  • Windows 7 or Windows 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

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