SheetCutter Server

SheetCutter Server Reduces the Cost of Maintaining Alignment Sheets & Cuts Production Time in Half

SheetCutter Server is the first server-based alignment sheet generator in the oil & gas pipeline industry. This revolutionary solution allows an operator to provide the most current alignment sheets available to those who need them, when they need them. It reduces the cost of maintaining alignment sheets and cuts production time in half. Plus, SheetCutter Server’s automatic triggers are configured to detect changes in the GIS and automatically update the alignment sheets. It schedules and publishes finished alignment sheets, ensuring the most current data is always used throughout the organization. Readily available with a variety of outputs, SheetCutter Server guarantees that every map has a consistent layout and format that users can depend on.

Why spend endless time updating your alignment sheets when SheetCutter Server has flexible custom processing to do that for you? GIS managers responsible for quality and the timeliness of alignment sheets can rest assured that, not only are quality sheets available to the organization, but each alignment sheet complies with regulatory requirements. Combine SheetCutter Server’s dependability with the feature-rich functionality of New Century Software’s SheetCutter and TemplateDesigner applications to gain near real-time (or scheduled) updates for customized alignment sheet templates, and bring your organization to an advanced level of alignment sheet generation.

To view sample maps and alignment sheets, visit our Map Gallery.

Key BenefitsKey FeaturesTechnical Specifications
  • Limits administrative and error reporting through automatic processing.
  • Supports multiple data model environments, such as PODS and APDM.
  • Dynamically manages a series of templates on the server.
  • Gives you access to the most up-to-date information.
  • Uses multiple templates, such as engineering, integrity, area maps, etc.
  • Provides server-based, automated alignment sheet generation.
  • Routinely replaces outdated alignment sheets on network drives.
  • Outputs to: mxd, pdf, and bitmap.
  • Lets you optionally select database fields to trigger sheet regeneration.
  • Automatically populates sheet generation queue based on data, land-base, or centerline changes.
  • Allows you to overwrite existing sheets.
  • Provides configurable start and interval timing for sheet generation.
  • Monitors Server event queue for sheet regeneration.
  • SheetCutter Server can be configured to run with an ArcGIS Desktop license.


SheetCutter Server table structure must be stored in any of these databases:

  • Oracle
  • ArcSDE

Data stored outside the pipeline model can also be stored in Access.


  • ArcGIS Desktop and/or ArcGIS Server

Operating System and Framework

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 & 2016
  • Windows 7 or Windows 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

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