Spatial Risk Analyst

Quickly & Objectively Measure Risk Along the Pipeline with Spatial Risk Analyst

Meet regulatory requirements for data integration and risk analysis with the powerful Spatial Risk Analyst. This robust desktop application allows pipeline operators to quickly and objectively measure risk along the pipeline through a variety of customized risk algorithms (models). Intended for Pipeline Integrity Managers and Risk Engineers responsible for regulatory compliance, Spatial Risk Analyst boosts your ability to plan appropriate measures for prevention and mitigation. With Spatial Risk Analyst, you are free to view, modify, or develop your own algorithms to meet the needs of a specific environment without shipping the data offsite. Its time-saving features also allow you to perform dynamic segmentation to determine risk on unique segments of the pipeline. This results in highly accurate risk results that promote defensible decision making throughout the organization.

Spatial Risk Analyst doesn’t require data imports or “bridges” because it accesses data in its existing location. Plus, it can use both spatial and tabular data through any number of database connections. The flexible design of Spatial Risk Analyst allows operators to run a wide variety of risk models against their data. Choose from existing integrations, such as the NYSEARCH Cased Pipe Integrity Assurance Model, adopt and tailor models from experts like Integrity Plus, or leverage in-house or industry expertise to develop unique models. The functionality in Spatial Risk Analyst grows exponentially as your company’s data management and risk assessment practices evolve over time.

Key BenefitsKey FeaturesTechnical Specifications
  • Lets you view and customize all algorithms to meet the unique needs of your company. You can design absolute or relative ranking algorithms to enhance the desired results of the model.
  • Gives you the ability to create “what-if scenarios” that simulate data changes on the pipeline network to analyze the effects of a proposed action.
  • Exports an Algorithm Report with details about the given model, such as variables and model logic.
  • Provides flexible model creation for rapid response to changing pipeline attributes and scenarios.
  • Basic level licensing available, providing limited access for users who simply need to view and execute models without implementing any changes.
  • Accesses both tabular and spatial data in its existing location:
    • GIS data - ArcSDE, personal and file geodatabase
    • Tabular data - Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Excel databases
  • Runs analysis on both measured and non-measured facilities.
  • Integrates spatial data such as soil type, waterways, and foreign line crossings.
  • Density analysis and aggregation functions interpret complex data relationships.
  • Assigns numeric values based on domain lookup values.


  • ArcGIS Desktop


  • Input GIS data must be in Geodatabase
  • Input tabular data must be in Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, or Access


  • Output data can be exported to Excel, Access, Oracle, SQL Server, or Geodatabase

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