TemplateDesigner Streamlines the Process of Creating Templates for Custom Alignment Sheets

TemplateDesigner gives you the unique ability to create and edit custom pipeline alignment sheet templates using the familiar Esri ArcMap user interface. As a companion product to New Century Software’s SheetCutter application, TemplateDesigner offers an impressive set of automated configuration options to customize alignment sheets and area maps showing pipeline assets. Its feature-rich toolbar leads the industry with extensive text and graphic symbology options, map previews, and a wide selection of band types. In fact, the band types are designed to help you create high quality templates in half the time it would take to create them manually! Its advanced functionality also allows customers to visualize data and generate reports to enhance communication within their own organizations.

Two time-saving features, rated highly by our customers, include disabling “completed” bands during template development and importing “completed” bands from other templates. Additionally, customers who rely on AutoCAD are pleased to learn that TemplateDesigner closely emulates the AutoCAD-style alignment sheets. When it comes to creating templates for custom alignment sheets, TemplateDesigner offers a great deal of flexibility within numerous industries, such as pipeline, engineering, transportation, risk management, and environmental.

To view sample maps and alignment sheets, visit our Map Gallery.

Key BenefitsKey FeaturesTechnical Specifications
  • Takes less time to create a template because configured bands are shared between templates.
  • Displays more information in a condensed space by combining data from multiple sources into a single band in the alignment sheet (instead of listing single bands for each data source). Just what field users need!
  • Allows Attachment Bands in the alignment sheet so you can embed graphics files (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, etc.) as well as link to image URLs for customized, illustrative purposes.
  • Increases productivity by letting you click and drag a band to quickly change its location.
  • Provides flexible controls for changing the order of the bands to control overlap and the amount of information that goes on the alignment sheet.
  • Can be used with (PODS, PODS Spatial, and APDM) or without a data model.
  • Enhances communication by creating Microsoft Excel reports detailing bands, data sources, and base map data contained in the template.
  • Combine data from multiple sources such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and Esri supported formats.
  • Use the schema picker to clearly select from where the data will be reported and displayed, no more guessing!
  • Display feature labels in the chart band and historical edits to data based on a chosen schema.
  • Possible map outputs include:
    • Engineering as-built alignment sheets
    • HCA and Pipeline Integrity Analysis sheets
    • Emergency response and/or Public awareness maps
    • Data validation and/or Class location structure verification
    • New construction sheets
    • Right-of-Way alignment sheets
    • Texas T-4 maps
    • Environmental alignment sheets
  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • Oracle, SQL Server, Access
  • Windows 7 or Windows 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

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