New Century Software offers webinars on a regular basis to provide detailed overviews on our software and solutions. Use this page to sign up for upcoming webinars or request content that is of interest to your company.

Upcoming Webinars

Accounting for Uncertainty & Data Gaps in Probabilistic Risk Assessments

In this webinar we'll discuss quantifying uncertainty at each step of the risk assessment. The webinar will also explore how risk management can be improved by considering a more comprehensive characterization of pipeline risks, including the impact of default assumptions on risk estimates.

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Past Webinars

Integrating Spatial Risk Analyst with Risk Services

Built by and for risk engineers, Spatial Risk Analyst leverages models and algorithms to accelerate your ability to plan appropriate measures for prevention and mitigation. This webinar takes a deep dive into the inner workings of the application including what’s new and the direction it is heading.

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A Look at Vendor-Agnostic ILI Run Comparison

In this webinar we’ll discuss how to get the most out of your In-Line Inspections using effective anomaly matching regardless of ILI vendor or tool technology.

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Express Loader 8.0: Improved Loading Options

The powerful pipeline data management application, Express Loader has improved options for users loading and updating different types of data. This webinar shows new functionality and other enhancements of the Express Loader 8.0 release.

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A Guide to Tolerance Criteria for Risk Results

Of the various risk assessment methodologies the pipeline industry has implemented, very few have established risk tolerance criteria. However, some countries like the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Brazil, have defined and adopted risk tolerance limits, and the purpose of this webinar is to review these techniques and discuss the possible adoption in the United States.

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Utilizing Web GIS

This webinar discusses how to leverage Web GIS to share your PODS data with other users within your organization. It outlines how your GIS department can engage users and the most efficient way to prioritize projects and show the value your GIS department provides. Dive into what a typical Web GIS deployment looks like, and learn how your organization can access a variety of spatial products through your Web GIS.

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A Guide to Risk Result Validation

To get the most out of pipeline risk results it’s best to know what all needs to be considered. This webinar walks through the best practices of validating risk results, including verifying source data and the risk algorithm.

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Understanding ILI Feature Matching

Gain insight on the benefits of integrating inline inspection (ILI) data by efficiently aligning the data to your centerline. This webinar covers how aligning inspection data leads to better overall data integration and validation, and a look at how users can utilize New Century’s Alignment Manager application.

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Gas HCA Analyst 5.0: Enhanced Structure Count Calculation and Analysis

The highly configurable Class Location and High Consequence Area identifying application, Gas HCA Analyst has improved the way users can view, calculate and analyze structure counts. This webinar shows new functionality and other enhancements of the Gas HCA Analyst 5.0 release.

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Facility Manager: Going From 4.6 to 5.2

Our GIS data management solution, Facility Manager, has gone through a lot of changes and improvements from the release of 4.6 to the 5.2 release. This webinar covers how new features have enhanced Facility Manager’s usability and efficiency.

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Managing Anomalies with New Century Software

Learn how to leverage New Century Software solutions and expertise to manage ILI DATA from assessment planning through reporting on dig results. This webinar covers the basic steps to complete for ILI data management and anomaly tracking as part of a gas or liquid transmission integrity management program, and how our solutions can help facilitate the process.

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SheetCutter 9.0: Enhanced Data Model Support and Improved Reporting

SheetCutter & TemplateDesigner are known as top alignment sheet generator applications, but can also be used as data visualization tools. Get a preview of SheetCutter & TemplateDesigner 9.0 release prominent features and enhancements such as spatial data model support and extended reporting abilities that allows users to do more with less.

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Leveraging Third-Party Auditors as Part of Your Compliance Strategy

Ensuring compliance with the ever-changing regulations regarding your natural gas and liquid pipelines is a never-ending battle. This webinar reviews three techniques used by third-party auditors to help prepare for a PHMSA inspection and establish sustainable compliance programs.

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Managing Offline Events

Sign up to learn about how operators can manage offline events with New Century's Facility Manager! Attendees will uncover what defines an offline event, we'll provide our recommended approach to offline event management, and we'll demonstrate how Facility Manager's latest release puts offline event management at your fingertips.

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A Risk Engineer's Look at Spatial Risk Analyst

Built by our own expert Integrity Plus Risk Engineers, Spatial Risk Analyst leverages customized risk algorithms and an improved user interface to accelerate your ability to plan appropriate measures for prevention and mitigation.

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Integrity Plus Series: HCA Analysis 101

Our integrity consultants help pipeline operators meet the seven key elements of integrity management through our comprehensive approaches to risk management, spill analysis, GS alignment services and HCA Analysis. In our first webinar in a series on meeting the seven key elements of integrity management, we’ll explore HCA Analysis.

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Accelerating Survey Data Utilization - An Introduction to FASTtrackGIS

Buried under mountains of as-built survey data? We have a solution for you! Sign up to learn about New Century’s FASTtrackGIS service. FASTtrackGIS is a data management service that processes complicated field survey data in record time to identify and correct data errors while surveyors are still in the field. Sound interesting?

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Visualizing Integrity Data with SheetCutter

Watch Visualizing Integrity Data with SheetCutter to understand the advanced visualization capabilities of the top alignment sheet generator. In this demo, we’ll illustrate how you can view and report on integrity information, set up chart bands for ILI data, and setup comparison bands to report on multiple years.

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Facility Manager 5.0 – Enhanced Accuracy. Improved Efficiency.

Our Facility Manager 5.0 Webinar is an introduction to the enhancements and new features included in the latest release of our best-selling GIS data management application, Facility Manager.

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Utilizing SheetCutter to Manage New Construction Data

Utilizing SheetCutter to Manage New Construction Data is a webinar that provides pipeline operators with best practices for using the top sheet generation product available to manage new construction projects.

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Pipeline Compliance 101

Pipeline Compliance 101 is an educational webinar aimed at helping pipeline operators better understand the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration regulations the impact pipeline operators.

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Accelerate Your Field-to-PODS Data Collection

New Century Software & CartoPac, Intl. have teamed up to bridge the gap between your mobilized workforce and the PODS environment. Our centralized workflow equips field personnel with accurate pipeline information and provides a seamless process to ensure new data is verified, traceable and submitted back to PODS quickly.

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New Year's Resolution #1:
Implement an Enterprise Alignment Sheet Workflow

Generating an alignment sheet is only part of the solution to getting accurate maps into the hands of end users. There are four major steps: create the template; generate the sheets, keep the sheets up to date; and share the information with end users. New Century Software has developed a streamlined workflow that will produce consistent outputs, decrease production time and improve efficiency. The presenter will also highlight some of the newest features within the SheetCutter & TemplateDesigner 8.0 release.

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Spill Impact Assessment

Canadian and US DOT regulations require integrity managers to complete spill impact analyses for tank farm storage facilities and pipelines. Understanding the topographical nature of tank farms and pipe corridors provides valuable information for ongoing emergency preparedness and design. This presentation will cover high density LiDAR in a spill analysis.

The presenter will also highlight a case study that calculated the containment capacity of tank berms and the modeling of three spill simulations—berm breach, manifold, and large volume spills. We shall also simulate a pipeline spill both overland spread and channel flow.

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Hassle-free PODS Data Loading

Join New Century Software to discuss the newest way to streamline the data loading process and reduce the historic challenges of loading the data from multiple sources. Presenters, Tony Lopez and Rich Henry, will address the pitfalls that operators face when attempting to load data into a PODS database, and how New Century’s newest tool will improve the overall process. The robust functionality of Express Loader specifically addresses industry concerns and creates a hassle-free workflow that companies can perform internally. Guest speakers, Scott Blumenstock & Jade Sheetz from Sunoco Pipeline will discuss the company’s need for a tool like this, and how it’s being used today.

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